Bahrain National Holding and subsidiaries' Bahrain National Insurance (bni) and Bahrain National Life Assurance (bnl) are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior, honesty, integrity, and transparency. In line with this commitment, the company has developed its Whistle Blowing Policy that enables its employees, customers, service providers or third parties to report any misconduct to the designated officials for appropriate remedial action.


What is Whistle Blowing?

Whistle Blowing means reporting of a misconduct by employees/customers/third parties/service providers to the concerned authority in a confidential manner.


What is NOT Whistle Blowing?

Raising of issues or concerns through the normal business or management channels, in an open, non-confidential manner. Such issues/concerns are not in the scope of the BNH and subsidiaries' Whistle Blowing Policy.


To access the full Whistle Blowing Policy, click here.


Misconducts that can be reported through this channel:

  • - Offence or breach of law
  • - Conduct against BNH and subsidiaries' governing rules, procedures, policies or established standards of practice and ethics
  • - Miscarriage of justice
  • - Harassment/Abuse (sexual, physical, discriminatory, religion, psychological, bullying etc.)
  • - Questionable accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters
  • - Health and safety risks, including risk to public/customers/employees
  • - Damage to the reputation of BNH and subsidiaries
  • - Damage to the environment
  • - Unauthorized use of BNH and subsidiaries' funds and/or use of funds/property/resources for illegal, improper or unethical purpose
  • - Confirmed/Potential fraud
  • - Indulgence in corruption
  • - Waste/Misuse of BNH and subsidiaries' resources
  • - Attempt to cover up any of the aforementioned misconducts
  • - Any other act which may damage BNH and subsidiaries' and/or its reputation


How to report a misconduct?

  • - Report anonymously using one of the below two options:
    • - Submit the Whistle Blowing form by clicking here or by scanning the below QR code using your mobile phone to access the form at a location convenient for you.


    • - OR, complete the Whistle Blowing form by clicking here, print and send by post, addressed to the Group Fraud Control Officer at PO Box 843
  • - Report by revealing your identity using one of the below options:
    • - Complete the Whistle Blowing form by clicking here and:
      • - Submit the form to automatically email at (Email recipients – Group CEO and Group Fraud Control Officer); OR
      • - Print the completed form and send by post, along with your name and contact details, addressed to the Group Fraud Control Officer at PO Box 843.
    • - OR, direct verbal communications with the Group Fraud Control Officer on 17587491.